In the course of excavating at Holyoakes, I uncovered a quantity of broken pots in a sunken room. We think they may have been stored in a pantry on a shelf which collapsed, breaking the pots.

The broken sherds were taken to WAAS at the Hive. They were reassembled mainly by Hazel Whitefoot, who at the time was a volunteer in the archaeology department and was also a member of NWAG.

Apparently at one time, few examples were kept of nineteenth century china and pottery, because it was felt that such items were very common. However, recently, there has been a change of policy and samples should now be kept. 

So, the pots found at Holyoakes are now important examples of common china and pottery from the recent past. Here are two examples, a third is on display in the public area of the archaeology section on the second floor at The Hive.

F M Llewellyn

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