Archaeology doesn’t stop when the trenches have been backfilled! This page contains a list of our fieldwork reports, which describe the analysis and interpretation of the structures and artefacts found during our archaeological projects.


‘The poor man’s bread’: the watercress trade in Victorian Worcestershire [published in Worcestershire Recorder 107, pp. 15-18]


Life and work in rural Worcestershire: investigations at Furnace Farm, Shelsley Walsh [published in Worcestershire Recorder 106, pp. 16-19]

Clay tobacco pipes from Astley [published in Worcestershire Recorder 105 pp. 18-20]


Fieldwalking at Lower Colliers Hill Farm, Bayton [published in Worcestershire Recorder 101 pp. 7-8]

Fieldwalking at Lower Colliers Hill Farm, Bayton (WSM 57388) [grey literature report]


Archaeological evaluation at Hartlebury Castle (WSM 49798) [grey literature report]

Metal detector finds from Lower Colliers Hill Farm, Bayton [grey literature report]


Metal detector finds from Shrawley Wood, Worcestershire [grey literature report]