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The North Worcestershire Archaeology Group (NorthWAG) is one of a very small number of non-commercial archaeology units in the UK with a year-round fieldwork program.

The goals of the North Worcestershire Archaeology Group are not only to investigate, analyse and record the history and archaeology of the region, but also to encourage interest and participation from the wider community. All of our work is done in accordance with the Council of British Archaeology standards and we have a long history of working closely with the Council Archaeology department.

The main aim of this web site is to put the work we have done within reach of as many people as possible, in the hope that it will encourage you to take a more active role in the understanding of your history. NorthWAG welcomes members and volunteers to all of its projects and works alongside professional organisations and bodies to provide on-site training and hands-on archaeology for people of all levels of experience and ability.

We hope we can encourage you to join our Group and look forward to seeing you on our future projects, be they in the library, or out in the field during excavations. Our Projects menu, our News and Archives along with our Newsletters, will give you an idea of what we do, but the only real way to find out is to experience community archaeology for yourself.

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It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Valerie Powick. Her funeral took place at Shrawley Parish Church on 23rd July 2014.

She was an exuberant, unflappable character, always willing to give help and advice when asked.  Valerie never married but as a primary school teacher at Abberley School and two others, the education of young children was always forefront in her mind.

In 2002 Valerie asked me to help her start a history society in Shrawley.  Valerie and I had spent countless hours in the old Worcester Record Office, (St Helen’s Church), transcribing the voluminous Vernon records.

In 2005 Valerie and I embarked on the mega project to carry out an archaeological excavation at Olivers Mound, Shrawley; an early Norman castle previously dug by the Masterman’s in the late 1920s.  After numerous meetings and form fillings Valerie and I were honoured to be awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant.  The excavation commenced in 2007.  With the finish of the investigation the excavators had formed such a wonderful comradeship that I asked them to form the North Worcestershire Archaeology Group.  We worked on Olivers Mound for another two seasons.

Valerie watched our progress with much enthusiasm, even hosting finds washing sessions in her veranda.  For her encouragement, warm support, local historical knowledge, and wonderful character we elected her as President of our group.  To her disappointment her infirmity prevented her from visiting us on our digs, but she always hung on our every word when reporting back on our latest discoveries.

Valerie you shall always be in our memory.

Rod Sproat

North Worcestershire Archaeology Group

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Timberlake Manor


A 12th Century Manor House.
A collaboration between NorthWAG, the South Worcestershire Archaeology Group, and a direct descendant of the Timberlake family line, with the aim of revealing the history of this 900 year old fortified dwelling.

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Shrawley Castle


Olivers Mound
A large-scale community excavation, run by NWAG and sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

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Little Witley Church


Small Building Survey
A building survey and recording project at the St. Michael and All Saints church in Little Witley.

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Winnall Mill

900 Year-Old Mill
What started as a small building survey and recording project became a major excavation.

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