Day 4 of the NWAG Advent Calendar!

We’re diving into prehistory for Day 4 of the NWAG Advent Calendar!

Early Bronze Age flint blade from Lower Collier’s Hill Farm, Bayton (¬© North Worcestershire Archaeology Group)

This beautiful blueish-grey flint blade was found during our fieldwalking survey at Lower Collier’s Hill Farm, Bayton, in 2014. While it’s small in size, it’s actually one of the oldest finds we’ve come across during our archaeological investigations. Its style and technical attributes suggest it was made in the Early Bronze Age, more than four thousand years ago.

The flint is one of thirteen found during our survey in Bayton, which collectively demonstrate human occupation in this part of Worcestershire – on the cusp of the Teme Valley and the Wyre Forest – for thousands of years. Not a bad find for a day’s stroll in the April sun!

Our report on the flint, as well as the other finds from the site, is available on our website, so why not give it a read!