Day 20 of the NWAG Advent Calendar!

For Day 20 of our Archaeology Advent Calendar we’re shooting on over to Bayton!

Lead shot from Lower Colliers Hill Farm, Bayton (© North Worcestershire Archaeology Group)

Today’s featured find is this ball of post-medieval lead shot, which was presented to NWAG in 2013 as part of a collection of metal-detected finds from Lower Collier’s Hill Farm. It’s roughly ball shaped except for two small nipples on opposite sides, the remnants of the original casting sprue. At 32 bore, its size suggests that it was intended for use with a flintlock pistol, much like the trigger guard found at the same site. Perhaps they’re related? In any case, the shot has no visible impact deformation, so was probably dropped and lost before it could ever be fired.

Our report on the lead shot, as well as the other finds from the site, is available on our website, so why not give it a read!